Matcha Cheese Cake


  • Matcha Cake Base
  • Cream Cheese Mousse : 120g Cream Cheese, 200g Heavy Cream, 3 Gelatin, 15g Hot Milk
  • Matcha Mousse: 1 Egg Yolk, 25g Sugar, 10g Matcha Powder, 100ml Milk, 4 Gelatin, 70% Of 100g Whipped Cream, Matcha Powder
  • Glacage: 28ml Water, 12g Sugar, 8g Corn Syrup, 2 Gelatin


1. Soften the cream cheese.
2. Whip up 70% of heavy cream and combine with cream cheese.
3. Melt gelatin with hot milk and combine with cream cheese mixture.
4. Place matcha cake base in a mousse tin and pour cream cheese mousse, and harden in refrigerator for 1 hour.
5. Mix egg yolk and sugar. In a pot heat up matcha powder and milk in a low heat. In a bowl, combine sugar and egg yolk and move it to a pot.
6. Let it thickens in a low heat. Add soaked gelatin when it starts to thicken and mix well. Let it chill for a while.
7. Add matcha mixture little at a time into a 70% whipped heavy cream.
8. Pour matcha mousse over cream cheese mousse and sprinkle matcha powder and let it harden.
9. Boil water, sugar, corn syrup in a pot and add soaked gelatin.
10. Pour glacage over cake and let it harden.

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